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Better for Jobs

August 19, 2015

Things are getting better in Ireland. Slowly and surely, the recovery is becoming more and more visible. It has been a hard road, but the decisions The Labour Party took are starting to pay dividends. We are making things better for jobs. At the peak of the crisis, unemployment hit over 15%. This year, it will reach less than 9%.

Young people know their prospects of getting job in their local community are better than they have been for some time.

Take 27 year old Gemma Crowe for example. This short video shows her returning to work in Ireland having previously emigrated to New Zealand. Please share Gemma's video with your friends, family and colleagues. Labour wants people to have good jobs so that they can live and work in the area where they grew up.

You can help us achieve that, join up and get involved today.

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Policy Focus

Connection for Life 2015 - 2020

June 24, 2015

Connection for Life 2015 - 2020

Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide 2015-2020

The strategy document provides a detailed and clear plan to achieve each of the goals it proposes, with defined actions and a lead agency and key partners in place for each individual objective (Government Departments, HSE, NGO partners and community groups). This action plan will be supported by robust implementation and governance structures and resourcing and communications frameworks.

Monitoring and evaluation will be embedded into the implementation process, with an accompanying outcomes framework in place, which will allow progress to be tracked and the impact of the Strategy to be objectively measured against baseline indicators. The implementation structure agreed sets out clear lines of responsibility and accountability at all levels- political, administrative and local levels. The National Office for Suicide Prevention’s role and authority given to support the implementation of the strategy is clearly set out.

This document is available for download in Adobe PDF format.
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