Angela Murphy


I was selected to fill a vacancy on the Passage Town West Council in Spring 2012.

Members of my family have been lifelong members of the Labour Party in Douglas, Rochestown and Passage West area and we also have a deeply rooted commitment to the community where my father has served as a Town Councillor for almost 25years and my grandfather was a founder member of the Labour Party locally in the 50's.

My father is still very much involved in community activities, he worked for many years in Johnson & Johnson and Cersetar and from his deep commitment, I inherited the same sense of commitment to work for the community.

One of my main political interests is in the area of women’s rights, social protection, equality and domestic violence in the home. Having previously emigrated to America, I know only too well that unemployment and emigration is having a devastating effect on our old historic town and my focus will be to try to encourage initiatives and investment particularly in the tourism sector and facilities and in the promotion of  our heritage

Working closely with my colleagues Ciaran Lynch TD and Cllr Paula Desmond, I would hope to bring a more focused approach to try and encourage a greater local involvement in decisions affecting our area.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss issues of concern to you and your family.

Look forward to hearing from you