Dominic Hannigan TD
Dáil Candidate for Meath East


In Meath we have a thriving community, but we are hurting badly from the recession.

Now more than ever we need to work hard together to rebuild our county. I believe that we need to put job creation and retention at the heart of our economic policies. Too many people in Meath are without work.  We also need to see improvements in our health system, in our schools and we need more resources to fight crime.

I believe that I am well-placed to understand job creation and job retention. My background is in business. I qualified as a civil engineer and then completed further degrees in both planning and finance. I set up my own company in the mid-nineties, working in the transport, health and communications sectors at home and abroad. This has given me fifteen years of experience of how small businesses tick and of the issues they face. I want to use this experience to make Meath better.

I promise to work hard on behalf of every constituent to secure the economic recovery and make regeneration a reality.

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