Eamon Gilmore TD


Gilmore calls on three Dun Laoghaire Ministers to deliver new National Rehabilitation Hospital

Issued : Wednesday 24 March, 2010

Following his recent visit to the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Deputy Eamon Gilmore has criticised the Government for its failure to deliver the long promised and badly needed new building for the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire. Speaking in the Dáil, following the Taoiseach’s Government reshuffle announcement, the Labour Leader outlined the history of Government inaction regarding the Hospital and urged the three Ministers now based in Dun Laoghaire to deliver on the new building.

"In 2002, Minister Harney together with Minister Martin (then Minister for Health) entered into a commitment with the National Rehabilitation Hospital that if the Hospital sold nine acres of land to an adjoining company a new National Rehabilitation Hospital would be built. That was eight years ago and yet earlier this week I stood in that same outdated hospital building. I stood in a 19 bed ward, mixed genders, with two open bathrooms at the end and it was out of the 19th Century. I spoke to Hospital staff about the need for a new building and was told that while it went out to tender in 2008 and a tender was accepted at the beginning of 2009 they are still waiting for Minister Harney to sign off and give her approval for the hospital to be built.

"My Constituency can do without three Ministers but what we cannot do without is a new building for the National Rehabilitation Hospital. When you reviewed the Programme for Government last Summer you removed the promise for the new Hospital out of it. Interestingly the man who has just been appointed Minister of State, the man whose job I would have felt it was to keep an eye on these things, didn’t appear to notice, make any complaint or insist that it be kept on the Government’s list of priority projects."

Following the Debate Deputy Gilmore said that while the exceptional work of the Hospital staff is deservedly recognized and highly praised throughout the country the redevelopment of the National Rehabilitation Hospital is vital to ensure the best quality care is provided to the greatest amount of people possible. He vowed to keep pressure on the three local Ministers to deliver.