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The Budget was in many ways remarkable

October 20, 2014

Minister Brendan Howlin and Minister Alan Kelly

This time last year, we estimated that to meet our budget deficit target would require further cuts of €1.3 billion on the spending side. That we are now in a position to increase expenditure, responsibly, indicates the progress we have made.To be forced to reduce expenditure for the past six years and seven budgets was unprecedented. It is the scale of the damage inflicted on the Irish people by Fianna Fáil in Government.We now have some flexibility to meet emerging demands and to invest in our public services. This is a further sign that we are normalising both politics and economics following the greatest economic crisis in our history.In this budget we have provided for a dramatic increase in investment in areas like social housing and we have rebalanced income taxes.

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Policy Focus

National Policy Statement on Entrepreneurship in Ireland

October 14, 2014

National Policy Statement on Entrepreneurship in Ireland

Vision for Ireland

Entrepreneurship is a key element in the health and well-being of any thriving economy and will be central to Ireland’s continuing recovery. Historically, two thirds of new jobs in Ireland have been created by companies in their first five years. This is because new businesses drive change and are the source of creative ideas and new technologies. They are the quickest to adapt to new opportunities and to the shifts that disrupt markets and business models.

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