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Budget 2015 - Getting people back to work with the Back to Work Family Dividend

November 20, 2014

Getting Back 2 Work

Job creation strategy continues to be a priority for the Government and one of the measures contained in Budget 2015, the Back to Work Family Dividend, is being introduced to help support unemployed jobseekers with children who want to return to work.

[Find out more about the Back to Work Dividend from our newly launched Getting Back 2 Work website]

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Policy Focus

Supporting older people - Budget 2015

November 14, 2014

Supporting older people - Budget 2015

People around the country are, now and, at last, beginning to feel the benefit of the recovery and we want older people to be fully part of that recovery. Under Budget 2015, we have introduced a number of additional measures that will help support older people and ensure that they feel the benefit of the emerging recovery.

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