John Lyons TD
Dáil Candidate for Dublin North West


John was elected to Dáil Éireann on his first attempt in the 2011 General Election, having previously worked in the education sector for over a decade and as a Labour Party councillor for Ballymun, Finglas, Glasnevin and Santry since 2008.

As part of the changes to constituency boundaries, John now also represents the areas of Drumcondra and Glasnevin. 

John has lived in Ballymun and worked at a community level in Dublin North West- as a volunteer, a teacher and as a local councillor - for most of his life. He is a firm believer in the vital role of education in determining a young person's future and quality of life. The education system, as it currently stands, does not provide a level playing pitch for all. Those with the most resources in our society seem to benefit most while those with little or none tend to leave school early. John firmly believes that in order to create a more equal society, we must have an education system which allows all participants to benefit to the maximum, regardless of their status in society.

John is Vice-Chairperson of the parliamentary Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation which recently published a report Creating Policies that work; Actions to Address Youth and Long-Term Unemployment. A particular focus since taking his seat in Dáil Éireann has been the area of youth unemployment and John has campaigned for establishment of a Youth Guarantee across Europe to give definite options for our young people when they become unemployed. He also has worked on the areas of educational reform and marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.

He is currently a member of steering committee for Project Futsal, an initiative funded with European Union Regional Development Funds and set up between the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and the Welsh Football Trust. The project aims to up-skill those in long-term unemployment and to integrate disability football into mainstream football clubs.

John is also the Deputy Whip of the Labour Party in Dáil Éireann. 

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John in the Dáil

John speaking on the Sinn Féin motion, 22nd March 2012

Recorded on 16th January 2012, John speaks on the Finance Bill

John raising the issue of the social and physical regeneration of Ballymun, January 2012

John speaking on DEIS schools - recorded 11th January 2012

In this video clip, recorded on July 21st 2011, John speaks on Dáil reform

Here, recorded on June 22nd 2011, John speaks about the importance of the Finance Bill for civil partnerships.

Recorded on June 16th 2011, John speaks about the water and sewerage services. You can see more videos of John speaking in the Dáil in the video box below.