Cllr Oisín Quinn proposes free Public Wifi for Dublin

Issued : Saturday 7 January, 2012
Areas : Dublin City

Cllr Oisín Quinn has a proposal for a public Wifi system for Dublin which is due to come before a meeting of Dublin City Council on Monday night (9th January).  The proposal has the support of the Labour group on the Council.


'The City Council should roll out a system of free public wifi in the City's parks and squares and other public places.  These days many people need fast and free access to the web when they are on the go.  Social networking, checking emails and seeing what's happening nearby are all things people like to do while having a coffee, browsing shops or catching a sandwich during a lunch break.


Dublin is a modern city.  The City Centre is a great place to go.  Adding free public Wifi is the next step.'

I have proposed the following motion to the City Council which will be debated on Monday 9 January, 2012:

"This Council calls on the Manager to explore rolling out a system of Public WiFi localised to public parks and squares in the city.  This could be funded by selling advertising on the pop-up screen through which a user would be required to click a ‘connect button’ to access the WiFi.  It would help increase the use of parks and squares, facilitate office workers during lunch breaks and encourage more social and family visits to the city. The WiFi wireless router and aerial could be installed in or attached to a lamp post in the park/square with a clear blue small size DCC sign or symbol designed to signify the existence of the public WiFi hotspot."

Bilbao has such a system and London is now rolling one out for the Olympics.  Dublin can, should and needs to take the lead in Ireland.


For more info Contact Cllr Oisín Quinn (087) 2520011.

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