Core Party Principles

[as Gaeilge]

The four principles on which Socialism is based are Freedom, Equality, Community and Democracy.

From its first election programme in 1920 to the present day, these principles have been at the centre of the policies which the Labour Party has offered to the Irish people. These are the values which have ruled our major campaigns and our political activity whether in opposition or in Government.

The Labour Party is committed to representing the ideals of our movement in Government and ultimately we aim to be the majority party in Dail Eireann.


Freedom is a fundamental human right. No society is free unless the men and women who make up that society are free individuals. Poverty, homelessness, unemployment and ignorance are the enemies of freedom. Labour extends the same freedom to all members of society and opposes the victimisation of individuals on the basis of class, colour, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, race or ethnic origin.


Equality implies reorganising society with the specific object of creating a more equal distribution of wealth and power, and not just opportunities for individuals to become powerful or wealthy. The Labour Party sees equality not only in economic terms but also in terms of social political and economic rights. It is necessary for the individual to enjoy these rights under the law if there is to be full and true equality.


Socialism realises that men and women by necessity and by choice live in co-operation with each other. In the community or the workplace, the trade union or the social club there is a common sense of belonging and of purpose. The spirit of Community places Labour on the side of the oppressed, not only in Ireland but also in all countries of the world and in particular in the Third World.


Democracy is fundamental to the concept of giving power to people to shape their own lives. This empowering of people should cover all aspects of life, including culture, politics, justice and the workplace.

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