QR Codes

We are testing the use of QR Codes, also known as Quick Response Codes, on our site as a method of helping people get contact details easily and quickly into smart phones.

Using the Goolge Charts API we are able to encode contact information such as name, telephone, email address, and website URL into a square barcode like this:

Labour contact details QR-Code

This particular QR Code contains contact details for Labour Head Office. Using a QR Code scanning app on your smartphone you should be able scan these codes and then add the contact information to your address book.

We have tested the codes on this site using the free to download i-Nigma App which is available for a wide range of phones, and the QuickMark App which is available for iPhone and Android. We have also received positive feedback from users using the free BeeTagg App.

QR 1 QR 2 QR 3 

Let us know if the codes work for you and whether you think it's a useful feature or not.

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