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If the Covid-19 crisis is has taught us anything, it’s that we need to value each and every worker in our country. Currently, there is no legal right to paid sick leave in Ireland.

No worker should be out of pocket when they fall ill, yet too many workers in this country are being forced into a Hobson’s choice of going into work while sick, or else losing a portion of their income.

That is the Labour Party has published the Sick Leave and Parental Leave (Covid-19) Bill 2020, which would give all workers a legal right to sick pay.

In addition, this Bill would introduce a temporary extension of force majeure leave so that parents can take paid time off to look after their kids if they are sent home from creche or school because the need to isolate or because the setting has had to close. This is another crucial step in providing the clarity and stability to working parents and their families across the country.

The right to paid sick leave must become a permanent feature of employment rights in Ireland so that workers are never expected to choose between their wages and their health.


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