My name is Aaron Byrne and I am the Labour Party candidate for Kells, Athboy, Oldcastle and surrounding areas in the Local Elections on May 24th.

I am a born and bred Kells man and have had a love and a passion for the area for a long time. While studying Philosophy and Political Science at TCD I joined the Kells branch of the Labour Party in order to help improve my community. Having seen the work done by such great local councillors as Tommy Grimes and Brian Collins I knew that the Labour Party was the only party that could deliver a new and better vision for our community, away from the tried and failed politics of other parties.

In my time as an active member of the branch I have campaign for Marriage Equality, Repeal the 8th and most recently for the re-election of President Michael D Higgins. Through all of these campaigns I have had the opportunity to meet many people across this constituency and I can see that they are turning away from the negativity and hurt of the past and looking for a more hopeful and caring future. I believe the best chance we have at reaching that future is through new, young candidates like myself that can bring a fresh perspective to local politics.

I want to engage all parts of our community to come up with new ideas and new solutions to the challenges that we face and help build a community that works for everyone. If you want to get involved in my campaign and help me achieve this you can contact me on social media, email ([email protected]) or by phone (0870540329).

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page, I hope I can count on your vote in May.

Aaron Byrne

Ireland - Midlands North West : Meath East : Kells
Home Address:
10 Gardenrath Road Upper
Co Meath

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