The European Parliament elections are happening at a critical time.

All across Europe people are concerned about -

  • growing wage inequalities while corporate wealth soars;
  • erosion of workers’ rights and conditions in the gig economy; 
  • data privacy and loss of personal autonomy in the digital era; and
  • most of all, the impact of climate change on our precious planet.

These are big challenges. They can be solved; but not on our own.

By acting in solidarity - and with progressive policies - we can confront climate change, regulate the tech giants, ensure fair conditions at work, and build a sustainable future for our children. 

We need strong, experienced and effective parliamentary representation for Dublin in Europe.

And we need a renewal of social democracy at the heart of Europe. A green social democracy. That’s the kind of Europe I want. 

If you agree please vote No. 1 Alex White on 24 May.


Alex White

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin South West

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