Mayor Alison Gilliland

I am currently Lord Mayor of Dublin City. While I am the 353rd Lord Mayor I am only the 10th female to hold this leadership role.

My underinning philosophy is one of social and economic quality where all citizens' rights are respected. I believe in actively particiating in and contributing positively to our city, local communities and to national issues - walking the walk rather then just talking the talk.

As Lord Mayor my priorities are:

  • to work with Dublin City Council to chart a sustainable, citizen-focused city recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic - a clean, green, safe and accessible city that balances living, working and recreating
  • promote women and women's visibility in our city
  • advocate for public housing on public land, a reduction in vacany and an increase in resedential opportunities in the city

At local level I am also a Labour Party Councillor representing my local area of Artane/Whitehall which ecompasses most of Dublin 17, Dublin 5 and some of Dublin 9.I've lived in my local area for more than 25 years and am aware of th eneed to ensure that it is well served and supported.

This is my second Council term having been first elected to Dublin City Council in 2014. Since then, I have become a strong and determined voice for sustainable housing and appropriate development across our area, effective public transport and public infastructure, well-resourced emergency services  and more local community/recreation amenities - green spaces, play grounds and meeting spaces with organised activities.

 Politically, I joined the Labour Party because it matches my values - a progressive equal society underpinned by a strong fair economy with decent jobs. With my right to have my voice heard comes the responsibilty of representing the voices of others and striving a better fairer Ireland.

At a local level my priorites are ensuring that:

  • Clean, safe, green communities
  • Transport and trafiic management that serve our everyday needs
  • Well planned sustainable housing and local development
  • Local recreational and sports facilities that promote community activity and inclusion
  • Increased resources for Dublin Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and local Gardai
  • Support for local businesses and the creation of local employment opportunities
  • Good communication and consultation with local residents on key issues

At a national level, I continuously advocate for:

  • public housing on public land
  • quality public services, particularly education and community childcare
  • decent working terms and conditions and wages for all workers
  • greater income equality where everyone contributees to our society proportionate to their financial ability


Mayor Alison Gilliland

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay North : Artane-Whitehall

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