Mayor Alison Gilliland

Cllr. Gilliland calls for community support for Dunnes Stores workers and for new legislation on fair working hours

Issued : Thursday 26 March, 2015

Cllr Alison Gilliland is urging strong community support across the country and for people to come out and stand in solidarity with Dunnes workers who are due to go on strike on Thursday next, April 2nd.

“It is key not only for the Dunnes workers themselves but for the future of decent work now and into the future,” said Cllr. Gilliland.

Dunnes Stores employees, organised by Mandate Trade Union and SIPTU, are striking on Thursday 2nd April. Their issues include secure hours and incomes, fair pay and the right to be represented by their trade union.

‘We need to send a signal that offering precarious work and zero hour contracts is NOT ok. We need to send a signal that workers are NOT cost units that can be used and abused in the pursuit of profit and competitiveness. Workers are partners in employment, they are talented and committed to carrying out their work and deserve fair recompense and security. Workers have the right to be represented by their union and should be treated with respect.’

Cllr Gilliland emphasied the many ways that communities can show their support for the Dunnes campaign

‘We can show our solidarity by telling Dunnes workers that what they are doing is right. We can respect their pickets and NOT pass them on Thurs 2nd Apr. We can sign the Dunnes campaign petition. We can wear 'I support Dunnes Decency for Workers' stickers.  We can follow the campaign on twitter@dunnesworkers and on FB Decency for Dunnes Workers Community. We can read up on the issues on and tell our friends to support the campaign’.

Cllr Gilliland called for new legislation to ensure that all workers are guaranteed fair working hours and decent work. ‘The Low Pay Commission established by Minister Ged Nash is an excellent starting point and the debate on a living wage is invaluable.  However, we need binding legislation that ensures fair working hours and decent work for all workers. Decent work should form the cornerstone of our jobs and economic development policy and not be an add on workers have to fight for’.

Mayor Alison Gilliland

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay North : Artane-Whitehall

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