Mayor Alison Gilliland

Dublin City Council backs Labour Party condemning treatment of Clery’s workers

Issued : Tuesday 30 June, 2015

A special meeting called by the Labour Party Group on Dublin City Council has this evening (Monday 29 June 2015) backed calls to initiate the process of renewing the Special Planning Control Scheme for O’Connell Street to ensure that the Clery’s store remains a retail outlet.

The Party motion also called on Natrium, the new owners of Clery’s to meet with the former workers and provide them with a written guarantee that they will be offered employment in the store when it re-opens in the future.

Moving the motion, which was passed with an amendment, Cllr. Mary Freehill said the treatment of workers was “appalling and outrageous behaviour” and she wanted the City Council to send out a clear message to Natrium that the asset-stripping of any business in the city centre would not be tolerated.

Cllr. Brendan Carr, in a second motion supporting the workers, said the move by Natrium was deliberate and calculated and a “despicable act of vulture capitalism” that the City of Dublin would not tolerate. He also commended Arnotts and Musgraves who have offered to take on some of the former Clery’s workers.

Cllr. Gilliland said the treatment of Clery’s workers was not the way to do business and commended the workers and SIPTU representatives for keeping their plight in the public arena. “The Council is sending out a clear and loud message that this is not the way to do business in our city: workers are not a commodity, they are not unit costs but a valuable asset to any workplace.”

“I would like to commend both the workers for the dignified way in which they are communicating their campaign and their SITU trade union officials for their support and representation of the workers,” Cllr. Gilliland added.

Mayor Alison Gilliland

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