Mayor Alison Gilliland

Dublin City Council needs to show leadership

Issued : Monday 16 May, 2016

Labour Party Councillor, Alison Gilliland, has called on Dublin City Council to show leadership in the development of the 17 hectare site along the Oscar Traynor Rd. The site is part of Dublin City Council’s Vacant Land Initiative. It is the city’s biggest development at present with 655 housing units and a retail centre planned for the site.

 ‘Housing in the area is absolutely needed, there is no question about that. However, Dublin City Council need to take and lead and prepare the site so as to ensure the end result is a sustainable community with appropriate amenities, facilities and proper traffic management. At present such preparation is not forthcoming. Indeed, there seems to be a significant reluctance on the part of DCC to conduct the appropriate preparation. I am calling for a transport assessment and a social infrastructure audit to be carried out to support good planning.’‘I can’t comprehend how such a huge development can be appropriately planned without such key information, making key preparations simply cannot be left to those who win the contract to develop the land.’‘When you look at the current traffic issues in the immediate you’ll see that the Oscar Traynor Rd. and the Dundaniel Rd. is highly congested at peak hours. If traffic from the 655 units planned for the site are added to this the roads will be at a stand still.’

‘There are 3 primary schools in the immediate area, including Gaelscoil Cholmcille adjacent to the site which is currently seeking to expand. An obvious question to ask is whether there be enough places for additional children coming into the area? Another vital requirement is childcare facilities - there are none in the immediate vicinity. These basic needs can only be captured through a social infrastructure audit - once identified deficits can be planned for.’At today’s North Central Area Meeting Cllr. Gilliland proposed a motion calling on DCC to carry out a transport assessment and a social infrastructure audit and address any deficits identified in each assessment/audit. ‘I’m hoping this will ensure DCC take the required actions to ensure we have both a sustainable development and mitigate against potentially negative impacts for the local communities surrounding the site’


Text of motion - passed Monday 16th, North Central Area Committee Motion in the name of Cllr Alison Gilliland That Dublin City Council take full responsibility for funding, conducting and disseminating a

1) Transport Assessment and

2) Social Infrastructure Audit on the planned development of 655 units on the vacant lands on the Oscar Traynor Rd.

That a) these assessment /audit be initiated as soon as possible b) this responsibility is detailed in any tender briefs/documentation with regard to the lands. c) DCC will use the resulting reports for each assessment /audit to inform the facility, amenity, public services, traffic and transport requirements for the development of the site so as to enable a sustainable, fully serviced urban community. d) plans be drawn up by DCC, where appropriate in conjunction with any developer that may win the tender, to address any deficits identified in each assessment/audit e) these plans operate in tandem with progress on the development so as to realise a sustainable, fully serviced urban community, to minimise disruption and knock on negative impacts to the local communities surrounding the vacant lands development.

Mayor Alison Gilliland

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay North : Artane-Whitehall

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