Ancel Boyce

My name is Ancel Boyce, and I am the Local Area Representative for the Moate Area in the Constituency of Longford/Westmeath.

My involvement in the Labour Party and in politics started when I was 12 and I have been an active member in politics at both a local and national level for the past 16 years. This included standing and canvassing alongside four candidates in different local elections and two candidates in three general elections.

As a full time, teacher and someone who is not long out of full-time education I have an insight into the needs of students at both secondary and further education at all levels.  One of the many challenges I have advocated for is one of Physiological Assessments to identify Special Educational Needs and for students to gain access to different supports such as Educational Support Classes, Assistive Technology, Level 2 Learning Program etc.

About Further Education, I am advocate for the access of all to grants/financial assistance as I believe education is for all and is the great equalizer which everyone has the right to access no matter where you are from or what background you come from. Everyone has the right to improve their knowledge and education but also to develop as people.

Some other areas which I advocate for and I am involved in developing are:

  • Rural Development and Regeneration.
  • Protection and Development of Local Amenities.
  • Planning Applications and affordability of building your own home.
  • Building of new houses and the retrofitting of pre-existing dwellings.
  • Protection of Jobs within Westmeath.
  • Road development and maintenance.
  • Increasing the facilities for the Youth of our Communities.

I look forward to the challenges to come and I look forward to working on the behalf of the people of Westmeath as I have done for the past 16 years and will continue to do so into the future.

Ancel Boyce

Ireland - Midlands North West : Longford / Westmeath : Moate

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