Since our foundation the Labour Party has had a vision of a more egalitarian future for Ireland.

In 1919, the ‘Democratic Programme’ drafted by Tom Johnson, then leader of the Labour Party, was adopted by the First Dáil, alongside the Declaration of Independence, and the Dáil Constitution.

The Democratic Programme set out important principles such as Liberty, Equality and Justice for all to guide the work of the Irish Government. Unfortunately those principles have not yet been fully realised by all Irish citizens.

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Labour Party ideals first impacted on the policy of the new State with the Democratic Programme which was drafted by Tom Johnson at the request of Seán T O'Kelly and the Sinn Féin leadership.

The Democratic Programme as a compass for Government is as relevant today as it was nearly 100 years ago when it was unanimously endorsed in the Round Room of the Mansion House in January 1919. Its aspirations have not been fully achieved and it remains the task of the Labour Party to complete the Democratic Programme.

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We would like you to join our conversation on A New Republic. Have your say on the direction Ireland should take over the course of the next century and what issues will be critical in making our country a fairer and more equal place to live over the coming decades.

All contributions will be gathered and will inform the drafting of a renewed democratic programme fit for the next century.

A selection of the best ideas may be published on this website or used in social media.

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