As someone who has worked in the area of housing deprivation for the past 16 years, I am passionate about the need to get our local government agencies working at a pace that delivers social and affordable public housing for all those who need it. We need security of tenure for those that rent and we need to start pursuing models that are not market driven to provide real solutions, i.e. cost rental model. Publically owned lands should provide us with much of what we need in terms of delivery, and I will ensure that as a counsellor I will object to any idea that these lands are sold to private developers.

I am campaigning on women's health and want to draw further attention to the areas where I feel women continue to be marginalised, i.e. reproductive health, women's mental health, morbidity rates for women living in poverty, women who are homeless, etc. I also strongly support and have called for the decriminalisation of drugs for personal use as I feel there is overwhelming evidence that criminalising persons who use drugs does not solve any problem but only makes the health needs of these people hidden even further.

I also want to draw attention to the need for Limerick to become less car centric and more accessible for those that do not use cars, i.e. pedestrians, those that cycle, children, older peopled, people with disabilities, etc. As a mom I represent families that cycle to school and work and want safer cycling infrastructure to support that.

I want to campaign for increased divestment of church run schools to a more pluralist education system and support the call for a citizen's assembly to address this matter further.

Anne Cronin

Ireland - South : Limerick City : Limerick City North
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11 Bellefield Gardens
Ennis Road

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