I was born and raised in Kenya. Greystones is now my home.

As an Irish citizen and a mother of two, I am immensely proud of Ireland and how it has developed and changed over the last 12 years. I believe that building a great future for Ireland starts at a local level.

I am an activist of many years both in Kenya and Ireland. I work as the young migrant women leader for AkiDwA, (National Network of Migrant Women). I am especially active in fighting for the rights of marginalised people and disadvantaged groups.

I campaign against discrimination and have worked in our community to increase awareness of diversity by facilitating events to promote greater cultural understanding of a new and changing Ireland.

My priorities are to have decent local transport, social and affordable housing, integration and inclusion strategies, climate change and the provision of community facilities.

I am asking for your number 1 vote on May 24th.

Anne Waithira Burke

Ireland - Dublin : Wicklow : Greystones

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