I am currently a Councillor on Galway City Council. working as a Postmaster as Newcastle P.O. since 1990. Born in Shantalla, I was educated at St Enda's and the 'Bish' and then studied Commerce at UCG followed by a Diploma in Computer Programming at Galway IT. Recently appointed Peace Commissioner.

A keen sportsman, in my youth I ran marathons, played under-age Gaelic Football with St Michael's, soccer with Bohemians, Salthill Devon and West United and gained a trial for the Irish RTC soccer team. I still keep fit and retain an interest in sport. I'm a season ticket holder with Galway Utd. and Glasgow Celtic and is a current member of Galway Rowing Club.

As trade union activist, I was shop steward for the Irish Bakers Union at Lydon House and currently a member of the Irish Postmasters Union. I have been co-ordinator of the Cuba Support Group since 1996 and served on the Executive Committee of the Galway One World Centre.

I was humbled and proud to be elected by the people of the West Ward in 2004 and re-elected in 2009 while topping the poll. I am the local voice, committed to adopting a positive approach and through hard work have delivered for the area. Throughout the last 10 years I have devoted immense efforts to represent Labour values forcefully in the Council chamber.

 I believe Councillors can make a positive impact and difference to their community. For the last 10 years I have worked hard and adopted a positive approach on Galway City Council to further the concerns of my community. Local government offers the closest contact for people with the political system. Important issues such as parking, traffic management,anti-social behaviour,planning,community or arts grants and sports funding are issues I have worked on over the last 10 years as a local representative. These issues may not feature on the national radar but are highly important to the lives of ordinary people.

Galway is my city. This is where I was born and bred and live. As a local Post-Master of 25 years I am at the coal face meeting people of the city on a daily basis,I know the struggle facing families in Galway City. I will continue to articulate the needs of my community and deliver results as I have done for the last 10 years.

Achievements to date include

 Traffic Management



Successfully campaigned for the re-design of Bus Eireann Bus Route 404 after the N.R.A. instituted changes.

Installation of dished kerbing at all estates on the Thomas Hynes Rd.


  University Rd.

Billy led a campaign along with residents for the removal of the Coke-Zero bike docking station outside private residences on University Rd. and have the road re-instated to its previous condition. In a long protracted battle with the NRA and Galway City Council victory was achieved and common sense prevailed. No other docking station in Phase 1 of the roll out impinged on multiple private residences in the manner in which University Rd. was affected.

Meteor Communications Mast

Lead a campaign for the removal of a Meteor Communications Mast from a private residence at Newcastle Upper. The Planning Dept. of Galway City Council removed the mast in accordance with planning regulations. A similar campaign against NUIG with regard to communications equipment on a private residence rented by the institution at Newcastle Lower was also successful.

Protected the Shantalla Community Amenity Area on every occasion against land grabs by the HSE.

Social Inclusion

           Cllr. Billy Cameron has for some years been promoting the concept of grants for groups involved in the progression of a socially inclusive City. As a member of the new pact(2014-2019) and as part of the 2015 budget for Galway City, Billy pressed for grants to be intoduced. Social Inclusion Grants will now be on the agenda, the same as Arts, Sports and Amenity grants which have existed for years. The type of Groups that will benefit are Active Retirement,Ethnic Groups, Disadvantaged Youth Groups, Parents-Toddlers and Baby Groups.


    Additional traffic calming meaures have been installed at the higher end of the estate(December 2015). Cllr. Cameron funded the new ramp as part of the Local Improvement Scheme.


         New public lighting has been installed at Coogan Park(January 2015). The lighting was installed as part of a consultation process with both residentrs association and Galway City Council. The new lighting was funded by Cllr. Cameron as part of the Local Improvement Scheme and is situated at the end of the "Rocky Rd." and the entrance to the estate from the Dunnes Stores end.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Held annual meetings in NUIG with the Students Union, NUIG authorities, Community Gardai and Resident Associations with regard to stamping out anti social behaviour of students living in private estates. These meetings and a pro-active stance by the Students Union and NUIG have been credited to a major decrease in the problem. Rag-week was consigned to history during this period. Resident Associations in attendance were Hazel Park, Cherry Park, Greenfields, Fairlands Park, Newcastle Park, Carraig Liath.


 Clean up of canal system at Millennium Children’s Park at Galway Cathedral. Organised and lead a LABOUR group with some friends and supporters to rid the city of electoral poster ties in the aftermath of the General Election.

 Bye-laws for a ban on smoking in Children’s playgrounds throughout the city. Provision of street litter bins for the Seamus Quirke Rd.

Removal of public telephone kiosk at Newcastle Lower which had high incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Recreation and Amenities

Worked with Corrib Rangers F.C. for the provision of floodlit astro-turf pitch at Corrib Park.

Successfully sought for storage space for Galway Kayak Club at the Black Box and improvements to the storage house of Galway Special Needs Kayak Club at


Worked with Corrib Rangers F.C. and St. Michael’s G.A.A. Club on the Westside Sports Area Master plan.

Progressed issues for West Utd. F.C. with Galway City Council.

Provision of Public Toilets at Galway Cathedral.  Provision of football graffiti at the underpass approaching Eamon Deacy Park, Terryland.


Secured an international Cultural, Sporting and Friendship agreement between Galway and the Scottish City of Stirling. This agreement was built following the success of the Galway-Stirling Sessions founded by Mick Crehan (Musician), proprietor of the Crane Bar and my friendship with the former Provost of Stirling Fergus Wood who is a regular visitor to Galway with the Kinlochard Ceili Band.

Organised the first ever visit of a Cuban Ambassador to Galway City Council. In 2011 the then Cuban Ambassador Teresita Trujillo made a visit to meet the Arts Officer Mr. James Harrold and Director of Services Tom Connell.

Human rights and justice

Worked with the committee of women who were advancing the positioning of a piece of public art to commemorate the Magdalene Women. The sculpture “Final Journey” by local sculptor Mick Wilkins was finally unveiled in March 2009 at Foster St. directly across from the former laundry. The artwork also contains poetry from the leader of the project, writer Patricia Burke-Brogan, author of the play “Eclipsed”.

Launched the Galway LGBT Pride Parade in 2010.


Sponsor of the Homeless Street League Football Cup involving refugees and asylum seekers from many countries and homeless teenagers.


 Acquired an allotment scheme for the Shantalla Community Amenity Area as a result of a proposal at the Recreation and Amenity Strategic Policy Committee.

 Corrib Park

 Provision of a U.E.F.A. mini multi-use games pitch in conjunction with the F.A.I. and Galway City Council.

The installation of fencing and shrubbery along the Siobhan McKenna road at Corrib Park as an estate enhancement measure.

The encasing of ESB sub- stations in the estate.

Ardilaun Road

Called for the tarring of a desire line mud-path and provision of public lighting on the path at the Green Amenity Area leading to the Quincentenary Junction.

 Moyola Park

Campaigned for City Direct Bus Company to cease using the estate as a rat-run and instead use the public road when ferrying students from Dun Aras to NUIG campus. Campaign was successful.


Worked with the E.S.B. to ensure that a de-commissioned electricity pylon from the community green area was removed

Called on Galway City Council to re-surface the estate.

 Laurel Park

Sought installation of traffic calming measures within the estate and the rejuvenation of planted areas at the entrance to the estate.

 Claremont Park – Corrach Bui

Sought funding for a new footpath (300m) for health and safety reasons.

 Circular Road

 Led delegations from Bushypark Area Residents Association to widen Circular road and provide a footpath. Works are ongoing.

Circular Rd.-Bushy Park.

Sponsored  a class of canine care for the pupils of 5th class of St. James Primary School Bushypark Park National School with Carmel Marzouk of Canine Buddies.

 Henry St – Helen St

 Footpath repairs, dish kerbing and bollards under the newly introduced Local Improvement Scheme along with other City Central Councillors.

 Carn Ard

Installing of wooden bollards at the end of estate and organised clean-ups along with residents.

 Coogan Park

Led a delegation from Coogan Park Residents Committee to meet with officials to discuss Transport and Infrastructure issues. Minor re-surfacing carried out along with other minor improvements.

 Camillaun Park

Sought to have the alleyway cleaned up by Environment section of Galway City Council.

 Shop Street

Supported the granting of permission to cafes and pubs to place street furniture outside their premises.

 Rockfield Park

Ensured that the alleyways within the estate were closed 

 Inishannagh Park

Installation of dished kerbing at the entrance to estate

Relocation of bottle-bank recycling facility from Inishannagh Park because of close proximity to a residential area and noise pollution to Bothar Le Cheile.

Quay St.-Spanish Parade-Fishmarket Square.

Successfully called on Manager to seek funding from the OPW under minor flood mitigation works.

Cllr Billy Cameron

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