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My name is Brendan Byrne. I am the newly appointed Waterford City West-Tramore Area Representative.

I spent my formative years growing up in Norwood Waterford and I still have family connections living in the area. I am married and have three sons, as a family we are very sport orientated. I was educated in Mount Sion CBS Waterford and completed my third level education as a mature student, studying Social Science, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Philosophy and a Higher Diploma in Applied Social Studies. Currently I work as a Social Care Manager providing supports for children in the state care system, supporting them to transition to adulthood and aftercare planning.

A passion motivates me to serve others, believing that the greatest gift we can give is to attempt to ease the challenges faced by people. Whilst the challenges are many and the journey difficult I believe that Labour Values, a Labour Voice can go some distance to meet those challenges. I will travel this journey underpinned by openness, honesty and a willingness and desire to empower people to be the best they can be.

My own personal experience prepares me well to deal with the challenges faced by people. In the early 1990s I emigrated to London England and worked with Wandsworth Borough Council as a youth worker with children from disadvantaged and challenging family backgrounds. After this I served as a Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police Service, in the latter part of my service I focused on Community Policing. I was influential in working with communities to reduce crime, build bridges, and understanding between the Police and the youth of the community.

In recent years, I have worked in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities. Between work and family time I volunteer with various youth projects in Waterford and coach children in athletics. I believe contributing to your community helps build bonds, social responsibility, inclusion, and individual empowerment for the betterment of others.

Having worked at the fringes of society I have experienced how people feel powerless and voiceless, it is my hope that I can be the voice of the voiceless and create a system of fairness and equality for all.

As a Husband and a Father, I understand the frustrations and the challenges faced by many families. I also understand the same frustrations and prejudice exist for single parent families and LGBT Families. I hope to ease those frustrations and challenge those prejudices.

As a Local Representative, I will use my experience and passion to face the challenges experienced by people. I will serve all the people of Waterford with integrity, passion, and robust open debate, reflecting the priorities of the people I serve. Particularly, if you live in Waterford City West & Tramore area, please feel free to contact me with any concerns or issues you may have.

I hope to be able to play my part in working for the community honestly and tackling the issues that matter to people.

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Brendan Byrne