Brendan Ryan
Party Whip, Spokesperson on Defence

"Fianna Fáil's new found interest in social housing hard to take" - Ryan

Issued : Friday 25 September, 2015

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal, has described Fianna Fáil’s new found interesting in social housing hard to believe.

Ryan “Fianna Fáil made a deliberate decision whilst in Government to remove the responsibility for delivering social housing from the State and Local Authorities, and left it entirely in the hands of private developers. The collapse of the economy in 2009 left the country with no money for basic services including housing provision and with many developers going under, there was no means to deliver housing.”

Ryan “This Government are still fighting against this Housing crisis. €2.2 billion has been allocated across a number of measures, one of which is the re-building of local authority houses. This is happening now in Fingal, with sites in Balrothery, Balbriggan, Lusk, Ballyboughal and Swords currently in various stages of planning and construction. The housing crisis is complex and the spiralling cost in private rent is causing a new homeless emergency. The upward rents is a result of lack of private supply set against an ever building demand. Unfortunately the most vulnerable, those on rent supplement, are being squeezed. Community Welfare Officers do have the power pay rents above the rent cap for people in a threat of homelessness however some landlords would still prefer to seek other tenants who can afford the high rents. We urgently need rent certainty and I continue to press Minister Alan Kelly on this.”

Ryan “To hear Senator Darrgah O’Brien cry crocodile tears about the housing crisis is incredible. Especially when his Party colleagues failed to support a modest Labour Party Motion at Council level in relation to the Local Property Tax which would have relaised an extra €1.8million for housing services. The crisis is such that all stakeholders, at every level, need to do whatever is in their power to assist. When Fianna Fáil were offered the chance in Fingal County Council, they chose not to take it. They caused the housing crisis and they have no real interest in fixing it”


Brendan RyanParty Whip, Spokesperson on Defence

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