Cllr Brian McDonagh

I made a decision to get actively involved in politics around the night of the Bank Guarantee. The last few years have laid bare the disastrous consequences of having the wrong parties and the wrong people represent us both locally and nationally. At the heart of the disaster was corruption in local politics. Labour as a party have always represented the highest standards in planning and local politics. I feel a personal responsibility to continue that tradition. Peter Coyle in particular has been a particular help and example to me.  I hope to continue his high standard of public representation.

I believe in an open progressive inclusive country, with strong public services and a state whose primary function is to reduce risk for all its people and to protect the vulnerable.

I would urge anyone who feels angry about politics or who wishes to change the way things are done to get engaged join a party and effect that change.

My priorities for the area would include

-          Water shortages caused by delay in building the new reservoir

-          Local Traffic planning for Malahide road, Coast road, Howth road,  Moyne Road

-          Unfinished estates, Derelict building lands, Social and Affordable housing issues and managed estates

If there are any issues that you or your family would like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me



Cllr Brian McDonagh

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay North
Home Address:
4 St Samsons court
Co Dublin

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