We have choices to make. More of the same, or a break with the past.

We need a New Deal for a Fairer Ireland that supports ordinary working families, and delivers a new social contract on work, care, climate and housing.

Labour’s 2022 Budget Priorities

  1. Tackle the soaring cost of living with a Carbon Tax credit, increases to the fuel allowance and social welfare payments, support workers and protect incomes.
  2. Deliver an Irish National Health Service, nationalise two private hospitals, and invest in disability services, mental health and free GP care for children.
  3. Provide a new social contract with free education and a universal public childcare scheme.
  4. Drive a Just Transition with an extra €200m for retrofitting, invest in public transport and active travel, and provide free travel for children and students.
  5. Build 20,000 secure and affordable public homes and introduce a three-year rent freeze.

Labour would provide €3.6 billion for targeted spending increases to fund a new social contract and invest €2.1 billion of capital in much needed projects. This would be a total budget package of €5.7 billion that would deliver a New Deal for a Fairer Ireland. Our Budget is fully costed and funded, and would deliver much needed improvements in public services.

Read our Budget proposals here

What do Labour’s proposals mean for Budget 2022?

For Work - it means a living wage, statutory sick pay, adequate paid parental leave, and addressing the cost of living. Rising inflation is a major concern for households, and those on fixed incomes.

We would provide for a Carbon Tax Credit for 500,000 working households, add €5 to the fuel allowance, and provide for a €7.50 increase in weekly social welfare payments.

Now is also the time to invest in upskilling and training for young people and create ObairGhearr – a short term working scheme.

Labour would introduce a new Cost of disability payment, support more Carer’s, increase the Living Alone Allowance by €6 and address outstanding public pay issues.

For Care - it means access to healthcare when you need it, not months and years on a waiting list. We would immediately expand capacity by nationalising 2 private hospitals and invest a further €100m in new hospital beds, public nursing homes, and cancer care.

Disability services need an extra €270m to address unmet demand. We would introduce free GP for all children and invest €85m in mental health.

Labour would deliver a universal public childcare system, affordability for parents and fairness for professionals with a living wage for all childcare workers.

We would deliver free education, cut class sizes and tackle disadvantage. We would cut the cost of third level for students, and target payments to reduce child poverty.

For Climate - it means a commitment to a just transition and a new deal on climate action.

We would invest a further €200 in retrofitting measures including a new home renovation tax incentive.

We would fund free travel for children and students, massively expand the city bike schemes and frontload investment in public transport and active travel projects.

We would double the Just Transition Fund and invest in air quality monitoring, sustainability, and biodiversity projects.

For Housing - it means secure and affordable housing, security of tenure for renters, and a more ambitious public housing programme.

Labour would fund a total of 12,000 social homes next year, and up to 8,000 affordable homes. We need the State to deliver up to 20,000 homes a year.

We would reform the Housing Adaptation grants system and increase funding to tackle homelessness through Housing First.

Labour would introduce a vacant homes tax, increase the vacant sites levy to 10%, and tackle land speculation and hoarding.

We would also deliver enough refuge shelters to meet our commitments under the Istanbul Convention.

Other Measures – fund a Basic income scheme for 1,000 artists, and increase spending on the arts and culture, sport, and Irish language. Provide €100m for Overseas aid, reduce citizenship fees, and increase Direct Provision payments.