Candidate Donation Form Consent

Please read the conditions below and then complete the form.


Agreement with General Election Candidates for the inclusion of a donate function and collection of donations on behalf of candidates standing in the 2020 General Elections for the Labour Party.

  1. The Labour Party will, on behalf of candidates standing for the Labour Party in the 2020 General Election, provide a donation button on each candidate’s profile page for the purpose of collecting financial donations to the candidate.
  2. This facility is provided to the candidate free of charge.
  3. The candidate accepts service charges are applicable from the online service provider, Stripe, who will deduct a fee for providing the service. The candidate agrees to accept these charges and will record the donation in full, including the deduction of charges.
  4. Statements of donations received via the website are provided by Stripe at the end of each calendar month, if a donation has been received. Only then can the donations be recoded and the funds dispersed to the candidates.
  5. The Labour Party requires all candidates to open a political donations account.
  6. The candidate agrees to abide by the Local Elections (Disclosure of Donations and Expenditure) Act 1999 and the Guidelines for Candidates published by the relevant local authority.…
  • The maximum amount that can be accepted in the same calendar year by a member of a local authority or by a local election candidate from the same source is 1,000 euro.
  • Details of donations which exceed 600 euro must be disclosed in a statement made to the local authority.
  • It is prohibited to accept a donation from an individual (other than an Irish citizen) who resides outside the island of Ireland or from a company which does not keep an office on the island of Ireland from which one or more of its principal activities are directed.
  • Donations in cash which exceed 200 euro are also prohibited.
  1. There are specific rules covering corporate donations which exceed 200 euro…
  • The donor must be registered with the Standards in Public Office Commission and evidence that the donation was approved by the corporate body must be provided.
  1. Candidates are solely responsible for all compliance issues related to their campaign. 
  2. Candidates agree to indemnify the Labour Party for any breeches of SIPO rules and regulations.
  3. The Labour Party reserves the right to terminate this facility at any time without prior notice.
Candidate Donation Consent Form