Ciara is energetic and passionate, and joined politics to effect real change in people’s lives.

Originally from Annascaul in Kerry, she made Cork her home ten years ago and now cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Ciara currently works in the technology sector, and appreciates the hard work and diligence involved with working in such a vibrant industry. With a background in property she is acutely aware of the difficulties associated with housing in the area. She is extremely dedicated to the need to ensure affordable and suitable housing options for everyone. She has also been involved in numerous local and national advocacy campaigns standing alongside the most vulnerable and disenfranchised within the community.

Ciara represents a sincere and committed candidate for the upcoming local election. She will bring an endless dedication to the role of local councillor and a resolute eagerness to making a difference to the lives of those within Cork City South-West.

Ciara Kennedy

Ireland - South : Cork South Central : Cork City South West

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