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Political Career

  • I’ve always been a Trade Union & Labour supporter, with strong views about social justice, equality of opportunity & fairness.
  • I feel I can contribute towards bettering our lot and be a voice of reason & understanding. I believe we are more liberal & progressive than we are given credit for, as a primarily rural area. I hope to make small changes that grow to have a bigger impact."
  • Ciara is the chairperson for the Newbridge Branch of the Labour Party, and the Secretary for Kildare South Constituency. Coming from a strong Trade Union family background, her fundamental outlook is based on social democratic values. Ciara was heavily involved with the Repeal the 8th Campaign at both local and national level. She was the Election Agent for Michael D Higgins in Kildare South in the recent presidential elections last autumn.


  • Ciara has spent over 20 years in the construction & architecture industry, working in Kildare & Dublin.

Other Interests

  • We have become a county of commuters. We can build better families & communities if we have more quality time. For me, it’s about choice & quality of life.
  • Recently NTA officials once again confirmed that government policy would need to change to reduce rail fares for Newbridge commuters.
  • Our team from the Labour Party-Kildare South met with Anne Graham in Leinster House to discuss the extension of the “Short Hop Zone” to Newbridge & Kildare, and to present the NTA with our then petition of 6,000 signatures.
  • If you travel the same distance from the city centre in both a North & South direction, you shall still find yourself within the Short Hop Zone, however, it is only when you travel West, to Newbridge that you find yourself outside this zone and faced with Intercity fares, in excess of four times the cost for a single journey.
  • The unsustainable situation where people continue to routinely drive to an overcrowded Sallins train station to avail of the Short Hop Zone fares, shall continue ad-infinitum as long as this disparity is not addressed.
  • Our goal now is to reach 10,000 signatures, we have a figure currently in excess of 6,200 people who have signed to date.
  • You can sign our petition here:
  • We continue to highlight the LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING in our area. I deal with young families on a regular basis, unable to afford their own home with this government’s Rebuilding Ireland Loan not working in our area & now has no longer any funds available. At our clinics we continue to assist many with their housing applications and needs.
  • EDUCATIONAL CHOICE: locally support the campaign for a new Educate Together Secondary school. Recent reports of developing a new school on the Curragh are welcome and we continue to push for the need for educational CHOICE & ACCESS at every opportunity.


  • Having grown up in rural Kildare, attending Cross & Passion College Kilcullen, Ciara went on to study in Carlow IT, DIT & WIT.
  • She attained degrees in both Architectural Technology & Architecture.

Ciara O'Reilly

Ireland - Midlands North West : Kildare South : Newbridge

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