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Minister ignores elected representatives for secret transport meetings

Issued : Thursday 15 September, 2005

“In what can only be described as a vote of no confidence in the Local Government system, Minister Ivor Callelly yesterday held the first of a series of secret meetings called the ‘Clare Street Initiative’ to discuss an integrated traffic management system in Dublin,” former Dublin City Lord Mayor and representative for Dublin South East, Councillor Dermot Lacey has said.

“The meetings were deemed confidential and were not publically announced and not one elected representative was invited to take part. However the Dublin Chamber of Commerce was invited, as were representatives of taxi-drivers, the AA and the Dublin Transportation Authority among others. So where are the invites to take part to those who have been elected by the people of Dublin to represent them on such bodies? Why has the Minister chosen to exclude elected representatives of Dublin City Council?

“In adopting a new City Development Plan earlier this year, the City Council sought to include as an objective the development of a Dublin Land and Transportation Authority. Indeed the Dublin Regional Authority has also sought such a development. The Minister requested this objective be removed from the development plan; however, we sensibly ignored the Minister’s advice.

“Not only has Minister Callelly a former member of Dublin City Council, insulted his fellow elected representatives, he has also ensured that any plan emerging from this process will undoubtedly be weaker and will take far longer to implement.”

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