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Broc House - role of Dept of Justice and OPW a disgrace

Issued : Thursday 22 September, 2005

“The announcement that Broc House on Nutley Lane is to be transferred to the new Affordable Housing Partnership is but the latest disgraceful act in what has been a shameful record of the Department of Justice and the OPW,” former Lord Mayor, Councillor Dermot Lacey has said.

“At the time that the property was purchased from the Franciscan Order I expressed the view that the Department would never provide the Immigrant Services there, that they never had any intention of doing so and that time would prove this.

“I called for Broc House to be transferred to nearby St. Vincent's Hospital for much needed Staff accommodation. The "experts" however in their usual style prevaricated and superb accommodation in the heart of Dublin 4 has instead lain empty for the last five years.

“The latest shameful episode in this saga is that a property once providing accommodation that was of benefit to the community will now be sold by the so-called Affordable Housing Partnership to the highest bidder. The possibility of much-needed homes for local people, on this site, in their own community will be lost forever.

“Shame on the Government for allowing this and shame on the Affordable Housing partnership for facilitating it.”

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