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Cullen continues to condemn commuters to chaos and confusion

Issued : Thursday 9 November, 2006

“Today’s announcement by Martin Cullen of the establishment of a Dublin Transportation Authority would be laughable if the implications were not so serious,” that is according to former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Labour Councillor Dermot Lacey.

Cllr Lacey accused Transport Minister Martin Cullen of suffering a serious lapse in memory following another announcement of his intention to establish a Dublin Transportation Authority.

Cllr Lacey said: “Martin Cullen’s statement is completely at odds with the reply I have received from the Dublin City Manager who told me at the last meeting (6th November 2006) of the City Council that no consultation had taken place between the Department of Transport and Dublin City Council on the establishment of the Transportation Authority.

“Given the centrality that the Office of Dublin Director of Traffic would presumably have in any Dublin Transport Authority it is clear that Minister Cullen’s repeated announcements are nothing more than knee-jerk reactions from a Minister with no plan, no vision and no commitment to the provision of integrated transport for Dublin.

“Minister’s Cullen’s announcement is simply no doubt the latest aspiration of this Government, which will never see the light of day.

“The recent call by the President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce for such an Authority should be supported and welcomed by anyone with a commitment to Dublin and a comprehensive Public Transport Policy.

The suggestion by Minister Cullen that the new Authority will be modeled on “Transport for London” is perhaps the most hypocritical of all. “Transport for London” is headed by the directly elected Mayor of London and is encompassed in the overall work of the Greater London Assembly.

“Of course Dublin needs an integrated Land Use and Transportation Authority, of course it needs a system similar to London Transport, under the direct control of a directly elected Mayor. Of course neither will be delivered by the Minister who previously suggested we did not need the first and who as Minister for the Environment abandoned the latter.”

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