Dominic Hannigan - A Strong Irish Voice In Europe

Now, more than ever, our future will be shaped by the European Parliament elections on May 24th. I want to help shape that future – I need your support to do that.

  • I want a future Ireland where the impact of Brexit is minimised and the rights of citizens north and south are guaranteed.

  • I want a future Ireland where workers have good jobs, with fair conditions and are paid enough so that their families have a decent standard of living.

  • I want a future Europe which tackles the climate change crisis, is tolerant of our differences and welcoming of others.

As a TD I was deeply involved in EU affairs and in monitoring the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. I am passionate about justice and progress on this island. We need strong, experienced voices in the European Parliament.

I am asking for your vote.

Dominic Hannigan

Dominic HanniganEuro Candidate

Ireland - Midlands North West
Work Address:
Constituency Office: 3 Turnpike House, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

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