Duncan Smith TD
Party Whip and Spokesperson on Climate Action, Communications Networks and Transport.
Dublin Fingal

Four day queue for new homes brings back bad memories

Issued : Wednesday 3 September, 2014

Duncan Smith, Labour Party Cllr for Swords, and a resident of an estate adjacent to the new development Miller’s Glen in Swords has said that the sight of people queuing days in advance of the sale of 60 new units brings back worrying memories of the bad old days of Celtic Tiger Ireland. However, the lack of supply in recent years has lead to a massive pent up demand for housing units, particularly in desirable areas such as Swords. This, as much as anything else, has lead to the situation outside the Millers Glen estate today.

Smith “When I heard that people were queuing four days in advance of new homes going on sale in Miller's Glen, beside where I live in Castleview, I had to see it for myself. Whilst the sight of people queuing outside a new development brings back memories of the Celtic Tiger property mania which ultimately brought the country to its knees and devastated many lives, I see this latest example slightly differently.”

Smith continued “Now, we have six years of pent up demand but we have had virtually zero supply. We are now starting to see the beginning of housing units being built with this estate being the first new private development in Swords in nearly 7 years.  We need supply of both private houses but also social and affordable homes, to hit the market soon. We have spiralling local authority housing lists, and an unstable rental market which is pricing many low income people into homelessness. Whilst the sight of a people queuing stirs up worrying memories for us, we also need to realise that unless housing units come onto the market, the housing crisis, in all its forms, will only get worse"

Duncan Smith TDParty Whip and Spokesperson on Climate Action, Communications Networks and Transport.

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