Dog litter - more bins and bags will not solve the problem

Issued : Thursday 1 May, 2014

Duncan Smith, Labour Party Local election candidate for Swords, has called on a different approach to the problem of dog littering.


Smith “One of the issues which is coming up repeatedly is the perennial problem of dog littering and a very small minority of people not cleaning up after their pet. I personally believe the problem will not be resolved by just providing more bins and more bags. Yes, we need to provide these but we also need to improve enforcement and change the culture within the few people who do not clean up after their dog. I support an idea, which has been used successfully in some Local Authorities in the UK, of a “Brown Spot”. It involves residents groups and the Council to work in concert to tackle areas which are beset by dog littering problems. It would work by having residents groups informing the Council that they have a problem in a particular area. The Council then examine the area and if the problem is bad, they will declare it a brown spot for a period of 3 weeks. A few posters will go up highlighting that the area is suffering from dog littering and the Council inspectors will focus their time on these brown spots. Ultimately this has been successful in changing the attitudes of people as no one will want to live in a brown spot. It also allows the Council to focus their tight resources on problem areas. This is a creative proposal which will work and if elected I will support its implementation. In the meantime, I am encouraging the Council to provide more bins throughout Swords and Donabate.”

Duncan Smith TD

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Fingal : Swords
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