Cllr Duncan Smith
By-Election candidate for Dublin Fingal

Public Swimming Pool for Swords

Issued : Monday 12 September, 2016

I asked the Chief Executive of Fingal County Council why the Council has not applied for any funding under the Local Authority Swimming Pool Grant. Fingal is alone among Dublin Authorities in not providing a public swimming pool and leisure facility; Dublin City Council provides 7, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown provide 3 and South Dublin County Council provide 2. It is embarrassing and regrettable that Fingal does not provide one public swimming pool ...throughout the entire county. I grew up and learned how to swim in a public swimming pool in Finglas. I take for granted that potentially life-saving skill I learned at a young age in my local municipal pool. It is incredible that a town the size of Swords does not have a public swimming pool.

I am especially disappointed that the answer I received stated that local demand is met by the private sector. First of all, I believe this is unacceptable and secondly I don’t believe that is true. To take Swords for an example, there is a pool in Energie Fitness, Applewood and a pool in ALSAA. Both are very good facilities but both are private. ALSAA may serve many people in Swords but it is not actually in the town. Both clubs require membership and membership costs money, money many families not have to spare. The need for a public swimming pool does come up over and over again and I will continue to press Fingal to include such an amenity in a medium term plan for the County. I’d there is central grant support from Government I believe Fingal County Council should elbow its way to the front of the queue and acquire any assistance it can to deliver such an important amenity. I would welcome local people's thoughts on this. If you want a public pool for Swords or have any other thoughts please let me know. Duncan

Question and Answer

Question: Councillor Duncan Smith: “To ask the Chief Executive why Fingal County Council has not applied for funding under the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sports Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme, are there any plans to apply for funding under this scheme in the future and are there any plans to provide a local authority swimming pool in Fingal in the future?”

Reply: The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sports Local Authority Swimming pool funding programme is for local authority owned swimming pools or for new pools where the local authority has established a high demand generally population based. Swimming pools are an expensive piece of infrastructure to provide and operate and Fingal County Council has not provided such facilities to date with the need, where it exists, being met by the private sector.

Cllr Duncan SmithBy-Election candidate for Dublin Fingal

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