New Houses in Sallins to Affect Current Disabled Residents

Issued : Wednesday 30 May, 2018

Residents in Liffey Avenue, Castlefen Estate have expressed concern that plans by KCC and Túath Housing to build 29 new homes beside them has a number of problems including road safety and  accessibility for disabled residents. “Because there are already lots of children playing along the road and the plan is to put in more residents with fewer parking spaces, parking is likely to become chaotic and lead to a less safe environment for children” explained Area Representative Fergus Carpenter. “The residents on Liffey Avenue are not objecting to the new houses and we know they are badly needed, but residents should not be losing parking spaces because of it. On this small road there are two residents who use a wheelchair: they are quite distressed at the thought that the already challenging job of getting from their car to their homes is about to become even more difficult as they may not get parking beside their homes” said Mr Carpenter. Cecilia Hussey, a resident of Liffey Avenue said "I am very worried about the parking, there is only one parking bay next to our apartment.  I use a mobility scooter to get about to the shops when my partner is not around.  I couldn't walk to the car if it was parked any further away than where it is now".

Mr Carpenter also pointed out that other residents on the Avenue are concerned that parking is likely to become chaotic, resulting in a less safe environment for the children who play in the area.

For other residents in the estate, concerns about the new development includes the increase in the number of children who will have to cross the treacherously fast and wide road outside the estate to go to school every morning. In its submission to KCC on the new development Sallins Community Council has urged the Housing Department to liaise with the Roads Department to address the dire need for road safety improvements. “Building attractive homes is not just about good quality house design, it is also about quality of life issues of which the safety of children and other vulnerable road users is central” concludes the Community Council’s submission.

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