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If you are affected by problem gambling and are looking for help,

here are a number of services and organisations who are there to help.




Gambling ads are the most common ad shown during sporting events televised in Ireland, and the 7th most common form of ad shown.

The gambling industry has worked hard to create a strong link in our minds between major sports events and betting. Even betting on the outcome of elections is encouraged by these companies. We need to stop linking betting with the enjoyment of sports and entertainment.

We have a national problem with gambling in this country. In 2019, Ireland had the 7th highest gambling spend in the world - €9.8 billion (€379.51 per head).

That’s why Labour is putting forward legislation that will prevent unnecessary encouragement of gambling.

Please share your views on how we can break the link between enjoyment of sports and betting by completing our quick survey below.


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