Mayor George Lawlor
Dáil By-election candidate for Wexford

Minister Ryan must question delivery of 'MAN' broadband says Mayor of Wexford

Issued : Monday 30 July, 2007
Areas : Wexford

The Labour Party Mayor of Wexford, Cllr. George Lawlor, has said that the Minister for Communications Eamon Ryan has 'serious and urgent questions to ask' about the delivery of high-end broadband through the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

"Phase 1 of MANS Consists of 27 towns covering 11 Authority regions . Handover to the Management Service Entity (MSE) E-net has now been completed for 27 of these towns. The second phase involves some 94 smaller urban centres.

"In Wexford Town 28.70 Kilometres of Fibre optic cable was laid in 2004 at a cost of over 4 million euro. Despite this investment there has been almost no tangible return in terms of either service to an existing end-user or any inward investment as a direct result of this state of the art infrastructure being put in place.

"Little wonder when you consider some of the prices being quoted to access the fibre. Companies are being quoted many thousands of Euro for connection fees and annual rental for this vital infrastructure.

"My information from service providers is that Wexford is not unique. Despite the fact that tens of millions of euro has been invested and continues to be invested in this state of the art technology only a handful of connections have been made nationwide.

"This is a publicly funded project which has the potential to bring huge opportunities to the centres where installation has taken place. Instead we see the government appointed wholesalers 'e-net' content to sit on their hands rather than ensuring that this product is rolled out to as many customers as possible in a viable and economic way.

"The Minister must launch an immediate inquiry and ask some hard questions of 'e-net' about the overall cost of the project and the number of connections nationwide to date".

Mayor George LawlorDáil By-election candidate for Wexford

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