Mayor George Lawlor
Dáil By-election candidate for Wexford

Slow down in construction industry requires an examination of Part V housing

Issued : Wednesday 9 January, 2008
Areas : Wexford

Given the slow down in the property market and construction industry the Mayor of Wexford, Cllr George Lawlor has called for a review into how housing under Part V of the Planning and Development Act is attained.

He said: "It is now time we re-look at Part V given the slow down in the construction industry and the still high demand for social and affordable housing. Up to now local authorities have put a lot of store into Part V housing to fill the void between the housing it can provide and the demand. In some cases developers could offer land instead of housing and in Wexford the general policy as dictated by the Department - has been to acquire housing, not land or money. With very few houses being built the knock on effect is obvious"

"Building on some estates is quite literally at a standstill yet the demands on the council to provide affordable housing is greater than ever. The Department must allow flexibility to Local Authorities at this time to enable them to operate a policy to counter the changing market"

"However the slow down in the construction industry has had a negative knock-on effect on social and affordable housing which is still much in demand. So it is vital that we examine this now and look at whether we look at going for land allowing local authorities to take the lead in building and providing social and affordable housing."

Mayor George LawlorDáil By-election candidate for Wexford

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