Mayor George Lawlor
Dáil By-election candidate for Wexford

Proposed reduction in number of Listed buildings not enough - Lawlor

Issued : Tuesday 22 July, 2008
Areas : Wexford

Moves to reduce the number of buildings listed as 'Protected Structures' in the new Wexford Town and Environs Development Plan don't go far enough according to Labour Councillor George Lawlor.
"Last year a list of over 700 new structures to be added to the 'Protected' list was published in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. I raised this issue in the media and at Borough Council level. I am glad to say that the planners at Wexford County Council have now proposed reducing this list by some 300 structures, however I believe that this falls short of what should be removed." said Councillor Lawlor
"There are still properties on the list that I believe should not be there and need to be removed. These include private residences and many premises on Wexford's Main Street. Listing a building can potentially place a tremendous burden on the owners, as an unnecessary amount of time and money has to be spent if any alterations or improvements have to be made to these buildings. The listing of properties on the Main Street would mean that any potential new investors here could be frightened off by the extra expensive hoops they may have to jump through in order to change a premises to suit their needs. Existing shopowners should not be burdened with higher costs if they wish to alter or improve their premises. The last thing we need on the Main Street are obstacles to investment. The unnecessary listing of private homes can also place huge burdens on homeowners"
"There is no doubt that there are many structures around the Town that need to be protected. Last year I proposed the creation of Architectural Conservation Areas around Wexford. This I believe would allow the Local Authority to maintain streetscapes and the character of buildings without placing the burdens attached to listed buildings on the owners. I will be pushing this approach again when it comes to the fine detail of the development plan and I know that many of my Borough Council colleagues are of the same view. The power in this case rests in the hands of the elected councillors and we must use it in the interests of the people we represent." concluded Councillor Lawlor

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