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Borough Council slammed for not 'shopping local'

Issued : Monday 15 December, 2008
Areas : Wexford

Borough Council slammed for not 'shopping local' 


WEXFORD Borough Council doesn't practice what it preaches in terms of 'shopping local', as a number of repair contracts from the local authority have been awarded to outof-town businesses.

Most recently a major contract for the replacement of all fuse boards and smoke alarms in local authority houses within the Borough Council boundary was awarded to a company from Belfast.

'Another contract for window replacement was given to a company outside of Wexford when there are two pvc manufacturers in Wexford town that are both paying rates,' said an irate Cllr. George Lawlor.

He even went further to note that the grass cutting contract for Wexford's public green areas was last year awarded to a Waterford company.

'When I was Mayor I argued that we should be looking to award contracts to local people, but was told that the Council's hands were tied through tendering regulations,' he said.

'We need to be doing something about this, and looking at mechanisms whereby we can favour local companies,' he said.

He added that the most recent contracts were annoying when rate paying companies in the town could easily carry out the jobs. 'Giving the job of replacing the fuse boards and smoke alarms to a Belfast company is just wrong. We need to look at the way contracts are awarded, and find a way to give local companies a better shot at securing these contracts,' he said.

'I am fully aware that there are legal difficulties when it comes to awarding tenders to local companies, but we need to try to facilitate local business as much as possible,' he added.


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