Cllr James Kennedy

My commitment is to Mallow and its various communities. As a husband, father and town councillor, who has had the honour of being Mayor of Mallow in hte past,  I know the town and its communities intimately.
I was born and raised in Mallow and attended primary and secondary school in the town. I am a graduate in politics from Trinity College. I have worked in Mallow all my adult life and have been active in the trade union movement and have also been involved in sporting, educational and community based activities.
Married to Trisha we have one son Luke  we know only too well the challenges that families face today in the community.
I want to continue working  to make Mallow a unique, attractive quality of life destination for new investment and badly needed jobs.


Having served as Mayor of Mallow and as Director of Mallow Development Partnership, I have promoted and seen implemented:

· A state-of-the-art new Mallow website
· A first time community-led Mallow Health Week and on-going strategy.

Now coming on stream are:

· Major marketing strategy relaunching Mallow as a unique investment location
· A Heritage and Tourism Strategy
· A community and recreation study
· A transport and traffic report
· A Streetscape Study for the Town Centre
· A Master Plan for the Town Park
I see all these initiatives as part of an overall integrated plan for Mallow’s future which will showcase the town as a dynamic community which is inclusive, proactive, pro-development and welcoming

I need the support of the people of Mallow to bring all these plans and strategies to fruition.
A forward looking vision
For the benefit of Mallow and its people

Thank You for taking time to read this. I am very proud of our town and shall always promote its overall good. Over the next few yeara our town, especially in these trying and turbulent times, will need strong and visionary leadership and I am asking the people of Mallow to place their trust in me to continue to provide that leadership.

Cllr James Kennedy

Ireland - South : Cork East : Mallow
Home Address:
St Josephs Road
Co Cork

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