Cllr Jane Horgan Jones

I became a member of the Labour Party in 2004. Since joining the party, I have been active in campaigning for equality, particularly equality of access to education, issues of social justice, and worker’s rights.  I was selected to replace Deputy Aodhán O’Riordain on Dublin City Council in March 2011 to represent the interests of the residents in Clontarf, Fairview, Marino, Donnycarney, St Anne's and Killester. The Labour Party in Clontarf is a strong and campaigning voice for the people of our communities, and I am honoured to now be a part of the team there and to be one of the youngest Labour Party councillors in the country.

The Labour Party’s priorities in Clontarf include:

  • Supporting local organisations and initiatives and ensuring that community involvement in local planning, policing and services is at the heart of our City Council.
  • Resisting the cuts to our public services, particularly the bus routes, which threaten to cause such difficulty in the lives of local residents.
  • Making Dublin a Green City – through more and better recycling facilities, cycle paths, and an integrated and effective public transport system for all.
  • Ensuring that all planning is community-led and sustainable, in the interests of everyone in the local area.
  • Getting people back to work and supporting initiatives that will encourage local employment and support local businesses.
  • Accountable, honest and transparent local government; at all levels.

I joined the Labour Party because I believe our society needs the passion and energy of young people to be the engine of a real force for change in Irish politics. The situation that has emerged over the past few years is so serious that we cannot afford to be complacent or indifferent to what is going on around us. I  believe it is our responsibility to involve ourselves in the issues we care about; locally, nationally and internationally. We are facing serious challenges of unemployment and emigration over the coming years. However, we are also among the best educated young people in Europe. Working together, combining youth and experience, I know we can meet these challenges.  If this is something you feel strongly about too, please consider becoming involved in the Labour Party in Clontarf.

Cllr Jane Horgan Jones

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay North : Clontarf
Work Address:
Members Room
City Hall
Home Address:
54 Glaslyn, 97 Howth Road

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