Cllr John McGinley


Cllr. McGinley Asks for Improvements at the Glenroyal/Straffan Road Junction:

Issued : Thursday 29 November, 2012


Cllr. John McGinley submitted the following motion for the consideration of the Celbridge Area Committee:



"That a left filter light be put in place at the exit from The Glenroyal complex, Maynooth, to activate when the right filter light comes on, in order to help reduce tailbacks into The Glenroyal."


John got the following nonsensical reply at the Area Meeting on 21st September:


 "As the committee is aware, the traffic signals in Maynooth operate under Urban Traffic Control (UTC).  The signals are linked and the priority for traffic movements is along the main public roads.  Additional green time for side roads is accommodated automatically when traffic demand is low on the main roads.  The suggestion that traffic should exit the side road when the main road is on a green light is not recommended at this location.  To do so would affect the UTC capacity to programme the signals efficiently.  It is recognised that such a solution can improve traffic flows at junctions with specific geometry.  However, the linking of the two turning movements in this case will constrain the operation of the signals and, therefore, reduce capacity at the junction."


Cllr. McGinley asked that the Council Engineers reconsider his motion as the reply makes no sense.

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