Labour committed to the achievement of 24 hour cardiac cath lab care at University Hospital Waterford

Issued : Saturday 24 September, 2016

Speaking at the campaign rally in Wateford Cllr. Pratt said that various medics and the likes of myself in political forums are making the case for the second cath lab and all that goes with it but it's most encouraging to see that the public are also stirred in such numbers by the issue. Over the past fortnight, in my contacts with people throughout West Waterford particularly, I have heard the anxiety expressed on this matter. I carried that message here today and I'll be working to make that feeling go beyond here and to the powers that be that can and do make decisions on these matters”, he added

“The country has come through some difficult years, a period during which the Labour Party served in government and had to grapple with saving many of the public services that we depend on. We would have liked to continue that work. We're in opposition now but the party position on UHW is one we'll continue to push. I know from talking to party colleagues in counties Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow and Wexford that there is a clear understanding that this is a regional issue - and, as such, one that affects hundreds and thousands of people around the South East beyond the environs of one locality in Waterford. We need to impress that this is a national issue that won't go away.”

Mayor John Pratt

Ireland - South : Waterford : Lismore
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