Labour Party spokesperson for small business

I am the owner-manager of a small business in Dun Laoghaire called The Zip Yard Clothing Alterations Boutique, employing 7 people which I opened mid recession 10 years ago. I am passionate about the provision and protection of employment, and these issues along with local economic challenges launched me into my active political life. I never felt represented as a small business owner and I want to stand up and give small business owners a voice at national level and I am now the party spokesperson for small businesses. 


I love raising my 6 year old Daughter, however,  I have first hand experience of the difficulties of finding school places and I understand the pressures and daily implications of our child-care crisis.


I rent our home in Blackrock, so I too, am experiencing the Housing shortage, lack of affordability and the cost and vulnerabilities of the rental market. I would also like to see home owners protected when they fall on hard times and have to deal with forced sales to vulture funds. Situational/transitional Homelessness is the issue that needs to be highlighted immediately and we have the capacity and compassion to combat this without delay.


I studied a degree in Public Administration in the University of Limerick many moons ago and more recently I successfully contested the local elections in Dun Laoghaire on my first attempt. As a proud Labour Councillor I have been able to progress my agenda of highlighting urban and rural regeneration, being an advocate for micro enterprises and highlighting the value of community engagement as an immediate solution for action on homelessness and environmental issues. Everyone subconsciously making decisions based on environmental awareness is a goal we need to strive for. I think we should have a conscious shift in ensuring everything we do has a positive environmental impact. We need to make everything an environmental issue.


Now, the Labour Party has nominated me for election to Dáil Éireann. I am honoured. But my purpose in politics, is not just to hold a position, but to get things done. Not just to endlessly complain, but to solve problems. 

I myself, want to be represented by somebody, who like me, has experience of real everyday life. Political games in Leinster House is a waste of valuable energy, and I want to go there and tell them all: “This is what it’s like, to be a working Parent, juggling home life with trying to make a living and also contributing to my community”. This country (and constituency) needs TDs who understand and have experience of real everyday 



Iarraimse d’uimhir 1. Tuigimse na fadhbanna tithíochta, sláinte, oideachais, agus saothair, mar tá an taithí is tabhachtaí agam ..... taithí an tsaoil. 

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Cllr Juliet O'Connell

Ireland - Dublin : Dún Laoghaire : Dún Laoghaire

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