Kamal Uddin

My name is Kamal Uddin, Bangladeshi born, I moved to Mayo nearly 20 years ago and have been an Irish citizen for more than a decade.

I live in Castlebar with my wife, three brothers and one sister. They are also Irish citizens for more than a decade.

I have a successful small Texaco Filling Station business and my wife is a dental surgeon.

I am interested in politics. In 2014 I ran for the County Council and in 2016 I stood in the General Election. I ran as the Labour Party candidate in the Local Elections in 2019, and Labour Party candidate for the Genaral Election in 2020. 

I enjoy meeting local residents and helping with community Issues. Over the last number of years I have campaigned for better support of local businesses.

I believe these are the issues which matter most to our community.

  • Save GMIT campus.
  • Save the local post office.
  • Crime prevention.
  • Safer local roads.
  • Improved transport options for commuters going to and from work.

Thank you.

Kamal Uddin

Ireland - Midlands North West : Mayo : Castlebar

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