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City Centre Flood Protect wall due for planning permission

Issued : Monday 4 January, 2010

Dublin City Council will submit planning application for City Centre Flood protection scheme later this year after a report by the OPW highlighted the risk to homes and business in Dublin City Centre 5 years ago.

In 2009 Ireland witnessed server flooding in Cork and Galway that seriously affected small business and residents.  If the same conditions that caused the flooding occurred in the River Liffey it will have disastrous finical consequences to the Irish economy.


IFSC, Westland Row, Custom Quay and the new Dockland areas are due to have their flood protection increased from tidal surges and river flooding increased in 2011, if planning permission is given later this year. Within the areas that will be protected by this scheme thousands of homes and the largest concentration of employment in Dublin City will be protected.


Labour Cllr Kevin Humphreys welcomes the announcement that planning permission is to be sought for the long overdue flood protection work. Dublin has had several luckily escape since the flooding in February 2002 which saw localised flooding in Dublin and prompted the construction of flood protection wall along the River Dodder in Sandymount, Ringsend and Irishtown. Since this disastrous date Cllr Kevin Humphreys has constantly highlighted the vulnerability of Dublin to future flooding and has campaigned for this work to be carried out.


Additional Information:


To ask the Manager when is it proposed to start the flood defences along the Liffey to protect City Quay, Westland Row and Pearse Street area on the southside and the Financial Services, Sheriff Street, Mayor Street and Castleforbes on the Northside.


The detailed design and planning stages of the South Campshire Flood Protection Project are now underway and are being managed by Dublin City Council Environment and Engineering Department.  The scope of the project has been increased to ensure that full protection is provided to the areas in question.


Funding is being provided from the Office of Public Woks and Dublin City Council.


Following detailed consultation with relevant experts it has been decided to obtain Planning Approval by preparing an Environmental Impact Statement and submitting this to An Bord Pleanála in accordance with Sect. 175 of the Planning and Development Act 2000.  It is hoped to have the EIS submitted by the middle of 2010 and, if approval is forthcoming, inviting tenders later in 2010 with construction to take place in 2011.


In relation to the Northside, the Spencer Dock Sea Lock was completed in 2009 and is being tied into the required levels on North Wall Quay /Guild St. and the National Convention Centre early in 2010.  This project is designed to protect the East Wall and Sheriff Street areas from coastal flooding.  In relation to the IFSC and Mayor Street the risk levels are lower due to adjacent quay levels.  However, it is proposed to erect additional defences at the quay wall opening opposite the Custom House in 2010 subject to available funding.  The hazard of pluvial flooding will be addressed through the Flood Resilient Cities Project.

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