Kevin Humphreys
Spokesperson on Transport, Tourism and Sport
Dublin Bay South

Icy paths starting to be cleared in City Centre

Issued : Thursday 7 January, 2010

 Cllr Kevin Humphreys welcomes the news that Dublin City Council has begun clearing ice from the main pedestrian paths in the City Centre.


Considering the cold weather is due to last into next week, Labour Councillor Kevin Humphreys calls on the elusive Minister for Environment to release funds to allow the Council apply additional resources to get the City moving again.


The most vulnerable members of our community are becoming house bound, unable to collect their pensions or go to the local shop. It is imperative that this Government supply the resources the Council needs.


During this cold snap it is important that all residents remember their elderly neighbour.

Kevin HumphreysSpokesperson on Transport, Tourism and Sport

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay South
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Leinster House
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Dublin 2

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