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July 2019

Being a new councillor

Taking up my position as a councillor in June, after deciding to run only 6 or so weeks beforehand, has been challenging to say the least.

Cllr Ciara Galvin

Proud dad re-elected and looking forward to the new term

A winning smile and a baby always help at election time. While many of us are finishing off dropping thank-you or introductory leaflets around our communities, many more are in positions around the country, proud positions on their local authorities.

Cllr. Brian McDonagh

Cllr John Maher deputising as Lord Mayor of Cork joined by Gender Rebels and LGBT for another Pride Parade

It has been a busy summer for Labour LGBT, attending Pride parades around the country. Since our last update on Dublin LGBTQ Pride, we have marched with our banner at five more parades!

Aoife Leah, Co-chair Labour LGBT

Kildare Councillors celebrate election with a win on first motion

Some good news to share: Our combined motion (5 Kildare Labour and 3 Greens) at Kildare County Council was successful at the Council meeting yesterday (July 29th).

Getting the Message Out

The need for online political campaigning has become ever more important as more and more people source their news online. The Labour Party was an early adopter of online digital media and managed scoop up the Labour tag on the main social media platforms ahead political sister organisations across the globe.

Karl Hayden, Head of Online Campaigns and Website

Reminder - One day National Conference, Saturday 9th November 2019

The Executive Board have decided that a One Day National Conference will be held on Saturday 9th November 2019 in the Mullingar Park Hotel.

Brian McDowell, General Secretary